About Mindi Holmgren

My name is Mindi. I always have been, and forever will be, proud to be introduced as “Corey’s wife.”


I was crushing on Corey 5 minutes after I met him. It was his 22nd birthday, January 11, 2006. He was dressed in a suit and tie, which felt a little overdressed compared to the past interviews I had been doing. (No one else had dressed that nice.) Yes, I was interviewing him for a job at the Logan Deseret Industries in Logan, UT. That was the first time we met. He was super cute with a big bright smile. I was asking him the questions I was supposed to for the interview, but was secretly making note of his answers and trying to read him as an individual to see if his super cuteness was matched with a winning personality. I quickly decided it did. I practically loved him already.

We were both attending Utah State University at the time. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Music. Corey graduated a year after me with a degree in Religious Studies and minors in Military Science and Portuguese. We moved to Tremonton, UT to work as live-in motel managers and did this job for just under 4 years. My leadership and organizational skills were put to the test. But we not only survived this stage, we thrived. After our time was done at the motel, we moved in to my parents’ house in Murray, UT while Corey was doing a full-time, nonpaying internship and still attending graduate school full-time. We have encountered many hardships in our short 12 ½ years together on earth that taught us many lessons in life. As I have been an Army wife and the CEO/CFO of the Holmgren household for almost all of my adult life, I have the motivation, experience, and resources to make this organization something that Corey would be proud to have his name on.


Corey helped and inspired and loved more people than I had any idea about. I am hoping that maybe I can help a fraction of those same people Corey would if he was still physically with us.

What is your favorite color? Yellow
What is your favorite movie? Hmmm, there’s a lot. Maybe The Princess Bride
What is your favorite music to listen to? Hymns
What is one of your hobbies? I’m a mom, so…yeah
What is your favorite TV show? Random Acts
What is your favorite sport? I like watching basketball, or baseball, or football.
Are you usually early or late? Generally speaking, early. As of recently, late.
What’s your favorite drink? Water. But lately I’ve been drinking more Dr. Pepper (nod to Corey. He’d be both surprised and proud!)
What fictional place would you most like to go? Hogwarts
What pets did you have growing up? A shih tzu named Tibby
What is one of your favorite smells? Lemon. Or anything citrus.